1. Justice Mushir Alam
  2. Air Commodore ( R ) Dr. Ghulam Mujaddid Butt
  3. Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, 
  4. Syed Humayun Kalam, 
  5. Syed Shariq Kalam,
  6. Mr Talat Mahmud,
  7. Mr Shahid Ahmed,
  8. Mr Nasim Naseer 
  9. Dr Mateen Durrani,

Executive Committee

  1. President: Justice Mushir Alam
  2. Vice President: Air Cmdr ( R ) Dr. Ghulam Mujaddid Butt
  3. General secretary: Mr Talat Mahmud
  4. Treasurer: Mr. Humayun Kalam
  5. CEO: Dr Muhammad Mazhar Awan

Financial Auditors

  1. Grant Thornton Anjum Rehman, chartered Accountants

                Financial Audit Report for year ending 30th June, 2019

Legal Advisor

  1. Barrister Junaid Ahmad,

                Attorney at Law and Advocate High Court


Professional Associates

  1. Dr Akhtar Jamal Khan, FRCS
  2. Dr MuH Shahzad, FRCS, Shahzad Eye Hospital, Karachi.
  3. Dr Harris Shahzad, FRCS, Shahzad Eye Hospital, Karachi.
  4. Dr Azam Ali, FRCS Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi.
  5. Dr Imran Hussain, FRCS Akhtar Eye Hospital.
  6. Dr Muzaffar Hassan Kirmani, MD US
  7. Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zakaria, MCPS Akhtar Eye Hospital
  8. Dr Zahid Jadoon, MBBS DLSHTM, MSc.(Epidemiology), D/Director PICO
  9. Prof M Dawood Khan, FRCS Cheff International Peshawar.

Justice Mushir Alam

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt


"Serving humanity and doing good for our nations has always been our shared dream. We have nurtured this dream over last half a century of shared childhood aspirations.

Though our paths and journeys of life were different, all these years, but our quests for destiny have always shared one, and that is, to serve selflessly and to serve well.

Vision Trust is our brain child and I have my heart and soul in it. Many a dreams have seen the light of the day through tireless ifferts  and many have yet to materialise.

We remain determined and in committed and earnestly pay for two things. One that May Allah accept our humble submissions for the cause worthy of rewards in the life hereinafter and Two may Allah increase our capacities to serve more and more of his people."

Justice Mushir Alam

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt


"Being able to serve fellow human beings in need, is truly an inborn human emotion. In the circumstances of my service that is, in keeping myself available to my nation as a fighter pilot, I was left with little time and resources to indulge into this pleasure. When Dr. Mazhar Awan and Justice Mushir Alam, known to me since last 47 years presented the idea of Vision Trust, I was naturally pleased. I join the cause, and have decided to put in all that I can, in whatever way I can to further this noble endeavour."

Air Cmdr ( R ) Ghulam Mujaddid

Dean Faculty of Aerospace Sciences and Strategic Studies,

Air University, Islamabad.

Seyed Abu Ahmad Akif

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt

Seyed Abu Ahmad Akif


Syed Abu Ahmad Akif was, for nearly 35 years, a member of the Pakistan Administrative Service.  In August 2018, he retired from one of the most prestigious assignments in the Government of Pakistan: Secretary of the Cabinet Division. Previously, he headed the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination and for almost two years, as the Secretary of the Ministry of Climate Change.

From 2010 to 2015, he served as the Director General Hajj at the Pakistan Hajj Mission in Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is a Member of the  Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission

He holds several master’s degrees including one in public administration from University of Hawai’i and another in defence and strategic studies from the National Defence University, Islamabad.  Syed Akif secured the first position in CSS exam of 1983 throughout Pakistan. In 2019, he was awarded the Sitara-i-Imtiaz.

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif

Member Prime Minister's Inspection Commission

Syed Humayun Kalam

Syed Humayun Kalam

Seyed Abu Ahmad Akif


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Syed Shariq Kalam

Syed Humayun Kalam

Syed Shariq Kalam


"Being a Trustee Vision Trust creates a sense of responsibility as well a source of satisfaction.

The satisfaction is that no matter how humble my contribution may be it is definitely in the right direction.

Though my professional commitments leave a very small opportunity for me to pitch in with Dr. Mazhar Awan and my father Syed Humayun Kalam in their almost daily endeavours, I remain an ardent supporter and pray for the success of the objectives of Vision Trust."

Syed Shariq Kalam

Regional Head, Cloud Platform, Oracle

Talat Mahmud

Syed Humayun Kalam

Syed Shariq Kalam


"I love to emulate my late father Shaikh Mahmud Hussain in his welfare endeavours especially Karachi Anti Tuberculosis Association. He was one of the founders and life members in the said Association.

Associating with Vision Trust viz a viz Dr Mazhar Awan and Justice Mushir Alam, gives me an opportunity to carry forward the legacy my late father initiated soon after Pakistan came into existence. The mission of human welfare activities that I always called from within and as a remembrance of my father.

I feel proud to be associated with Vision Trust,  and wish all the success in its efforts and pray for the realisation of its objectives, and shall always be willing to contribute in whatever humble ways I can."

Shaikh Talat Mahmud

Proprietor Kashmir Automobiles

Karachi - Pakistan

Shahid Ahmad

Dr Mateen Durrani

Nasim Naseer


"Shahid Ahmad, SA Foundation Kidney Center, Hunar Foundation, AKUH 

Nasim Naseer

Dr Mateen Durrani

Nasim Naseer


Quite often, some points in life turn out to be the turning points in one's life. One such point in time, in my life turned up back in 1997,  when a young junior staff member of our office was diagnosed with cancer.

The humane part of my personality took over me with a force that rules me till the time of writing of these lines. Such was the force of this emotion and such was the growth of this helping hand for fellow humans within me, that  it completely re-directed the course of my entire life and objectives for ever.

 In 2003, I formed a Trust, Nasiruddin Pirzada Welfare Trust in memory of my late father a retired Colonel in Pakistan Army. Started a tiny little one-room vocational centre of women in Azam Basti, a low lying underprivileged neighborhood of Karachi - Pakistan. By the grace of Almighty, at the time of this writing, it has grown into a primary School, upto 5th grade with 300+ children receiving quality education free of cost.

Dr Mateen Durrani

Dr Mateen Durrani

Dr Mateen Durrani


Dr Mateen Durrani, has been affiliated with Vision Trust since its inception

After graduating from Sindh Medical College Karachi, he went to the United Kingdom for his postgraduate studies in Psychiatry with special interest in addiction psychiatry. 

He has been working as a consultant psychiatrist since 1995 and has worked in various senior medical management positions including Medical Lead, Clinical Director and Medical Director, both in National Health Service in the UK and the independent sector, since 2000. 

As a Trustee of Vision Trust he has advised the management in various aspects of clinical governance and has played a key role in the development of Trust policies.

Dr Mateen Durrani is also on the Board of the following organisations in the UK:

1. Chair of Board of Trustees, Indus Health network (UK).

2. Trustee, British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association (UK).

3. Trustee, Alleviate Mental Health Suffering, (UK), an affiliate of Alleviation of Addiction Sufferings (AAS) Trust, Pakistan.  Dr Durrani strongly believes in providing clinical excellence, to maximise the quality of our patients' vision and in turn their quality of life by our commitment to their complete eye health care with unmatched personal and professional service. 

We want to do this to please Allah SWT. Our goal is to earn our patient's trust and duas and we will strive to exceed our patient's expectations and help each patient understand all aspects of their eye health care.

  • Dr Mateen Durrani


Message of the CEO

Right from the start of my career back in 1982, I always felt the pain for people who couldn’t afford decent healthcare for lack of resources.

Working for more than two decades at such, out-of-reach-for-the- underprivileged-setups, I finally made peace with myself in 2004, when I decided to dedicate full time, the remaining years of my career in the service of less fortunate.

16 years down the line, I am happy to have taken a right decision in a moment in time I consider sacred in my heart. No amount of fee can give me such professional satisfaction and spiritual delight as much as I get in serving the deprived and the underprivileged.

Absolutely nothing was possible, without the help and support of like minded friends and supporters all along the journey. They helped and encouraged me on with their material, financial and moral assistance. They were always standing behind me for support in manners I expected as well as over and above my expectations. Cannot name them all, or even remember the too many names in this regard, but sincerely pray to the Almighty who knows them all very well, to reward them well with rewards much more than what they might ever wish for and even more.

May Allah give me enough time, strength and opportunity to create a much bigger and better facility than the one He has led me, my supporters and wellwishers to create. Bigger and better in scope and above all being accessible to less fortunate. My Allah accept my humble endeavours and let me make differences into the lives of people I come across in discharging my duties.

Let's join hands and work together to eliminate blindness.

Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Awan

CEO - Vision Trust

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