Mehrun-Nisa Eye Clinic

In 2011, a philanthropist Mr. Haji Haroon Gazdar expressed his wish to setup a charitable eye clinic to serve the underprivileged in the local low lying area of the city, called Gazdarabad. He donated his private property for it and provided funding for the cause. Vision Trust was requested to help set it up and get it going.

Vision Trust happily agreed to comply the said request and provided the services free of cost for the noble cause, the funding was to be provided by Haji Haroon. Thus came into existence Mehrunisa Eye Clinic in 2012 situated at Gazdarabad, main Jubilee Roundabout, Ranchor Lines, Karachi-Pakistan. It was set up and managed by Vision Trust up until mid 2014,.

At this point in time and after successful completion of its contractual 3 years obligations, transferred the management as per mutually agreed terms to its lawful owners.

The clinic is running as of date on the lines drawn by Vision Trust. Thousands of underprivileged of the locality have benefitted and continue to do so to date.


A well attended opening ceremony of the Mehrunisa Eye Clinic.