Khairun-Nisa Eye Hospital

It's owned and fully funded by K&N's Foundation. Vision Trust is managing it as a star project to showcase its potentials to its limits.

A Message from CEO K&N’s Foundation

K&N's Foods (Pvt)Ltd. Is dedicated to provide health and happiness to the nation. In order to pursue the objective, it has established K&Ns Foundation. We are funding charitable organisations engaged in the field of health and education.

Khairun-Nisa Eye Hospital was established in cooperation with Vision Trust, to fulfill the above mentioned objective and has over last four years since is inception made significant progress in realisation of these goals. I congratulate the management for successfully acquiring ISO 9001:Quality Management System Certification last year. A cornerstone in our resolve of not compromising the quality of service.

I feel satisfied to see that so far, Khairun-nisa Eye Hospital, has seen more than 70,000 patients, and more than 15,000 persons have been operated upon so far, and counting. I also feel good to see the quantum of free eye care, like, free glasses, free medications, free general eye surgeries, free special investigations, free labs and highly specialized and sophisticated eye surgeries not available at many places and beyond the reach of ordinary people for their high cost and fees, are also provided on very low or free of charge basis.

I welcome the recent initiative of community outreach program of School Eye Health Services, under the same umbrella. I hope and wish success for Dr. Mazhar Awan, a mission driven and dedicated person in his endeavours of fighting and preventing curable blindness.  It’s a pleasure to be working with him.

Together we hope to contribute in our own ways, towards a healthier, progressive and prosperous future of nation in special and a better world in general.

(Mr. Khalil Sattar)

CEO- K&N's Foundation