All services are provided on a low cost, and on non-profit basis making these affordable to less fortunate. Affording individuals are however charged in accordance with the current commercial rates to create funds for the trust.

While remaining focused for the middle class, services are not denied to poor. The treatments are provided and fees are either subsidized, or made available free of cost.

Report of activities done at Vision Trust as of date.

Report Of Activities As Of Date
Consultations 53,190
Major Surgeries 12,004
Special Procedures 3,451
Medicines 2,767,832
Optical Aids 1,046,025

Treatments are also sponsored by individuals, on whose account free services are provided to needy.


  1. Consultation fee is Pak Rs. 400 (about US$ 4 only).
  2. Major surgeries are generally phaco extraction of cataract with implantation of acrylic spheric foldable IOL. This suture-less procedure is carried out under topical anesthesia and no bandage is applied. The package cost is Rs. 12,000 (US$ 120 only).
  3. Special procedures include Argon Laser treatments, YAG capsulotomies, and intra-vitreal injections of Avastin.
  4. Prescribed medicines are provided at minimum profit, and are either subsidized or provided free of cost to needy.
  5. Prescribed glasses are dispensed on similar lines as medicines.

Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Awan
CEO, Vision Trust




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