Future Plans

We at the moment are funding free ophthalmic services, to patients of middle and low income tiers. Our source of funding albeit limited, is local and limited to circle of friends, who witnessed our activities on ground and felt satisfied.

This is on a smaller scale, and with its limited capacity can not address the full scale of problem, in terms of provision of decent and affordable eye care to poor and low income group of people here in Karachi, Pakistan. Nevertheless this was important in more than one ways. One, it gave us firm foothold in the community to prove our point. Two, it gave us enough experience and useful baseline data to work upon, when contemplating any future plan/ venture.

In order to take up a bigger challenge and to meet the demands for the above we envision a larger eye care facility. This would be a purpose built eye care facility, a total solution, all under one roof and a self sufficient eye hospital. This should also have teaching programs for under and post graduates as well as for the ophthalmic technicians, all of these we feel is in high demands.

To set up and run such a facility however, entails a lot of capital expenditures. For this we make a humble appeals at all levels and at all avenues where we can be heard and helped.




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