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Executive Committee:

  • President:
    Justice Mushir Alam

  • Vice President:
    Air Commodore Ghulam Mujaddid

  • General Secretary:
    Mr. Talat Mahmud

  • Treasurer:
    Syed Humayun Kalam


Full Time Consultants:

  • Chief Consultant:
    Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Awan, MCPS

  • Associate Consultants:

      - Dr. Sana Motiyar, MBBS, FCPS
      - Dr. Asifa Azam, MBBS
      - Dr. Muhammad Ali Tahir, FRCS

Visiting Consultants

  • Dr. Tariq Saleem, FCPS, Assistant Professor Ophthalmology, Civil Hospital Karachi.
  • Dr. Sikandar Shamsi, FRCS
  • Dr. Fatima Ali, FCPS
  • Dr. Beenish Khan, FCPS
  • Dr. Amna Ali, FCPS
  • Dr. Hari Krishan, FRCS
  • Dr. Zubair Ahmed, FRCS
  • Dr. Syed Shahzad, FCPS


  • Ms Salma Saleem
    Manages Squints (crossed eyes) and other eye sight disorders in children.



Permanent Staff:

- Manager: Ms. Mehnaz Ali
- Accountant: Mr. Shabir Almani
- Assistant: Ms. Maham Khalil
- Theatre Incharge: Kelash Kumar
- Theatre Technician: Alamzeb Khan
- Theatre Technician: Nawab Ali
- Theatre Technician: Rizwan Ahmed
- Theatre Assistant: Shakeela John
- Lab Assistant: Parkash Shankar
- OCT Technician: Muhammad Hanif
- Nurse: Roseline Asif
- Assistant Nurse: Saira Anwar
- Refractionist: Fahad Mateen
- Refractionist: Ghulam Mohiuddin
- Refractionist: Abdul Hameed
- Clinical Assistant: Sunny Yaqoob
- Maintenance Incharge: Nisar Ahmed Farouqi
- Maintenance: Sajan Kumar
- Maintenance: Arjun Kumar
- Maintenance: Amir Bux
- Housekeeping: Shehzad Parvaiz
- Housekeeping: Jawaid Parvaiz
- Housekeeping: Shan Yaqoob
- Orderly: Sajid Khan
- Optician: Abdur Rehman
- Optician: Muhammad Qasim
- Driver: Shamdas
- Guard: Fazal Khan
- Cook: Munir Ahmed

Part Time Staff:

- IT Maintenance: Mr. Tahir Khan
- Electrical Engineer: Mr. Adeeb Baig
- Social Media Assistant: Mr. Khurram Zaid

Up to date employee resumes, verifiable by NADRA exists in head office as personnel files. Admin can be contacted for access and preview.

Advisory Committee:

Legal Advisors:

  • Syed Hafeez-ud-Din
    Advocate Sindh High Court. 

  • Mr. Syed Tasneem Yousuf
    Deputy Commissioner Income Tax (Retd.), Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan.


  • Ernst Young Sidat Hayder & Co., Chartered Accountants.


  • Abdul Basit Mahmud
  • Abdullah A Elahi
  • Air Com Ghulam Mujaddid Butt
  • Allah ka Banda
  • Anis Maysoorwala
  • Arshad Jaisani
  • Dr. Arif H Sidiqui
  • Dr. Haneef Paracha
  • Dr. Imran Siddiqi
  • Dr. M Mazhar Awan
  • Dr. M Sajid Patel
  • Dr. Mateen Durrani,
  • Dr. Muzaffar Hassan Kirmani
  • Dr. Riaz Shaikh
  • Dr. Salma Burny
  • Dr. Syed Nayyer Ahsan
  • Dr. Zahid Sheikh
  • Javed Aslam
  • Justice Mushir Alam
  • Khalid Mawani
  • Khalid Sheikh
  • Meena Danish
  • Miss Zareen Choudhry
  • Mr. Ghalib Aziz
  • Mr. M Rafiq Khan
  • Mr. Raheel Siddiqi
  • Mrs. Naushaba Khalil
  • Mrs. Saba Harris
  • Mrs. Safdar Abbas
  • Mrs. Shazia A Hussain
  • Mrs. Yasmeen Jawed
  • Muhammad Rafiq Awan
  • Muhammad Yousuf Advocate
  • Naseem Naseer
  • Nida Kafeel
  • Omer Lateef
  • Patients
  • Rizwan Khan
  • Sajid Kadri
  • Saleem Muhammad
  • Shahid Ahmad
  • Sohail Shafi
  • Syed Hafeezuddin
  • Syed Humayun Kalam
  • Syed Shariq Kalam
  • Syed Tufail Ahmad
  • Talat Mahmud
  • Wing Cmdr Saeed Butt
  • Yousuf E Keekeebhai
  • Zain Maniar






Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Awan:

"After my graduation in 1982 from Sindh Medical College, Karachi and house job in JPMC, I worked with a leading ophthalmologist Dr. Akhtar Jamal Khan, FRCS, and at Aga Khan University Hospital to complete my training. After this I got my post-graduate Membership Diploma from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan in 1991.

Coming from middle class myself I always felt the pain of people who were denied service at these prestigious institutions for lack of resources for decent but expensive health care. Working for more than two decades in similar circumstances, at-last became at peace with myself when in principle I decided to dedicate the remaining years of my career for the service of less fortunate.

Better late than never, formed and got registered, Danishsra Welfare Association in 2004, and established an Eye Hospital as its pioneer project by the name of Sheikh Aziz-ur-Rehman Eye Clinic. The details of this project, now in in its fifth year of operation, can be seen on www.danishsra-welfare.org. We have so far, provided decent consultation services to more the 20,000 patients, and State of the art cataract surgeries to more the 2,000 patients, on highly affordable or free of cost basis, to the middle and poor class individuals respectively.

Having accumulated enough experience of setting up, and running successfully a smaller unit, now I feel the time is ripe for us to switch over to a larger scale and scope to meet the challenges in their actual dimensions and magnitudes."

Justice Mushir Alam, Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan

"Dr. Mazhar Awan and I share a childhood dream of serving humanity and doing good for fellow humans in need. My primary responsibilities of dispensing justice is no lesser a human cause than what Dr. Mazhar proposed. But this opportunity was a joint venture, a product of life time's wishes. I am all for this trust and extend my heartfelt support for this noble cause."

Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid Butt, Registrar Air University Islamabad

"Being able to serve fellow human beings in need, is truly an inborn human emotion. In the circumstances of my service that is, in keeping myself available to my nation as a fighter pilot, I was left with little time and resources to indulge into this pleasure. When Dr. Mazhar Awan and Justice Mushir Alam, known to me since last 37 years presented the idea of Vision Trust, I was naturally pleased. I join the cause, and have decided to put in all that I can, in what ever way I can to further this noble endeavour."

Syed Humayun Kalam, retired Economic Consultant, Karachi - Pakistan

"When Dr. Mazhar Awan presented the idea of a Vision Trust, a long cherished desire of my life, I felt my dreams are comming true. I said to myself that whatever I could do for the setting up, promotion, development and success of Vision Trust, I will leave no stone unturned and render myself fully to this great cause in letter and sprit."

Talat Mahmud, Proprietor Kashmir Automobiles, Karachi - Pakistan

"When it comes to any project of welfare, of any scale or scope, be it earthquake or floods, and specially when Dr. Mazhar Awan, Air Commodore Mujaddid and Justice Mushir Alam are involved, my inclusion is by dafault and natural. I know them long enough to have complete faith in them. I take pride in being part of Vision Trust."

Syed Shariq Kalam, IT Consultant, Karachi - Pakistan

"When I was given the option to join as a trustee, I took it as an opportunity and believe that Allah has given me the platform to start working towards helping others. Also, having service imbued in me I always wanted to join the mission of my father – serving the cause of the humanity."

Shakeel-ur-Rehman, CEO Snowhite Drycleaning Industries Pakistan.

Managing Director, Snowhite Dry cleaning Industries, has inherited the heart and soul for social service, from his forefathers. His Father Late Sheikh Fazal-ur-Rehman, migrated from Dehli to Karachi in 1947, and laid the foundation of a dry cleaning business, by the name of Snowhite Dry Cleaners. This gradually expanded into a successful dry cleaning industry with branches in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Besides business Sheikh Sb was actively involved in social welfare through out his life. He was chairman of Dehli Mercantile Society, and an active member of Dehli Punjabi Sudagaran, a welfare and charitable organization.

Sheikh Sahib generously donated the premises worth millions of Rupees, for Sheikh Aziz-ur-Rehman Memorial Eye Clinic, in respect and loving memory of his late father Sheikh Aziz-ur-Rehman.

Sheikh Shakeel-ur-Rehman, son of Sheikh Fazal-ur-Rehman,and grand son of Sheikh Aziz-ur-Rehman, inherited, the sympathy for deprived, spares no effort in helping out in many ways. It is upon his profound support and backing that this organization stands and hopes to attain what it proposes. May Allah grant him the taufeeq for more and more, and reward him in the way Allah rewards those whom he is happy with.


Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Awan

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, Director General Hajj

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif hails from a branch of the Saadat-e-Kara-Manikpur, a family of South Asian sufic Zaidi-Syeds, known for their religious and scholarly pursuits. Son of late Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Abul Khair Kashfi, a renowned scholar of the Urdu language, he has inherited the family tradition of serving humanity.

Akif sahib, a senior civil servant, has helped the cause, aims and objectives of the Visiion Trust at every stage, from its inception to the present. Based upon the Qur'anic prayer, we pray for his success in this world and the hereafter.

Trustees Vision Trust.

Dr. Mateen Durrani, London - UK

"Vision Trust is the beacon of hope and light for thousands of Pakistanis who want quality treatment for their failing eyesight but expensive private hospitals are out of their financial reach, and they are reluctant of going to the government and other charitable hospitals for want of quality of service. I personally have referred family members and others for treatment to Dr Mazhar Awan, my colleague and friend, and without fail, all were completely satisfied with the care they received from him and his staff and those patients in turn have become the good will ambassadors for Vision Trust. This is all the blessings of Allah SWT and sincere niyah of its Trustees and professionalism of its dedicated staff. I wish the Trust every success in its future."

Dr Mateen Durrani, Consultant Psychiatrist & President, British Pakistani Doctors Forum - UK.

Dr. Shehzad Saleem, Al-Mawrid, Lahore - Pakistan.

"Dr Mazhar Awan is a source of inspiration for us. His tireless efforts provide not one but many "rays" of hope to humanity. Blindness / Poor Vision is perhaps one of the severest of physical handicaps. May God light up the world of all those like Dr Mazhar who are busy lighting up the eyes of others. I wish him and his Vision Trust the very best. May God bless him in his endeavours. Amen."

Syed Wajih Hussain Mashadi, Minneapolis - USA

"It is not that welfare activity is not needed in the USA, but it is a pleasure and feeling of satisfaction to extend help to people from my country of origin. Dr. Mazhar Awan is known to me through my brother, and he is keen to pursue this goal. I stand behind him in all his activities at Vision Trust and try to extend help and support to this noble cause."

Mr. Jalil Ahmad, Karachi - Pakistan

"Dr. Mazhar Awan has been our family (including the kin settled in the US and the UK, visiting here) eye surgeon since he was practicing at Akhter Eye Hospital. His welcome address on the occasion of inauguration of Sheikh Aziz-ur-Rehman Eye Clinic in which he mentioned his childhood resolve to grow up to be a doctor and serve the ailing still rings in my ears loud and clear. Indeed, he has achieved his aspiration. I admire his professional skills and caring temperament. In spite of extremely demanding professional preoccupation he takes out time for Islamic activities and hobby of astronomy."

Zaki Muhammad Khanzada, San Francisco - USA

"Knowing Dr. Mazhar, Justice Mushir Alam, and Air Commodore Mujaddid since a long time, and knowing they have pitched into this project I have no doubts in my mind that they are heading in the right way. Honest and dedicated bunch of fellows, as they are to me, I feel honored to stand among them. Good Lucks Vision Trust."

Dr. M Iqbal Zakaria, Karachi - Pakistan

"Vision Trust is a great effort to serve humanity and I see a very bright future for it. Having worked with and knowing Dr. Mazhar Awan personally for more than two decades, I am quite sure about it. His selfless attitude, sensitivity toward the problems of our society, a commitment to contribute and dedication for the cause is all that it takes for such an organizations success. My best wishes are for him."
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Akhtar Eye Hospital, Karachi - Pakistan.

Dr. Imran Siddiqi, Oncologist, Texas - USA

"Knowing Dr. Mazhar Awan, Justice Mushir Alam and Air Commodore Ghulam Mujaddid Butt is both a pleasure and a prevelidge. Knowing they have all tuned in for a joint venture welfare project is good news. I have enough confidence in this rare confluence of interests, to recommend them to all that do not know them directly. I am all for it and wish them success."

Zafar Iqbal, California - USA

"I have done what I could do to be of help and will continue to do so for as long as I live. Dr. Mazhar Awan and Justice Mushir Alam are known to me since last 35 years or so. I find them honest, dedicated and hardworking fully capable to concieve, execute and run a welfare project like Vision Trust. I am both thumbs up for them."

Mr. Malik Shahzad Haleem, Ontario- Canada

"Dr. Mazhar Awan, has set a good example of serving humanity. I feel proud when I show his website to others here in Canada. His efforts in establishing Vision Trust is a great achievement and the welfare activities a source of inspiration for us. We should introduce the Vision Trust Welfare Project to as many people around us as possible- the least we could do."

Saiyed Fakhar Hussain, Ontario - Canada

"Justice Mushir Alam and Dr. Mazhar are my early school mates, with whome we have maintained contact all along over last 45 years or so. I knew about Dr. Mazhar's interest in welfare activities, but my pleasure more than doubled to learn about Justice Mushir's teaming up. If I were in Karachi, Pakistan I had been one of the Founder Trustees of Vision Trust. Bravo brothers."

Dr. Akhtar Jamal Khan FRCS, Akhtar Eye Hospital, Karachi - Pakistan

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Yousuf Keekibhai, Los Angeles - USA

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